Tynker Junior

Start your little ones on our easy to use coding app, perfect for ages 5-7.

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Designed for Pre-Readers

Learning to code has never been easier! Tynker Junior is the fun, interactive way to spark your kid's interest in coding. Kids as young as 5 will begin to learn the fundamentals of coding by connecting picture blocks.

Play 5 Fun Adventures

  • Ocean Odyssey - Learn sequencing and pattern recognition in this fun underwater adventure, as you help Gillie the goldfish collect coins!
  • Robots! Bring wacky robots to life by fixing the codes in a robot factory while you learn about events and parameters.
  • Wild Rumble - While avoiding obstacles, help eight endangered animals traverse a jungle path, using counting loops, delays, and parameters.
  • Puffball Panic - Help adorable dust bunnies add to their sock collection as you apply conditional loops to navigate a dynamic environment.
  • Super Squad - Join the Super Squad and retrieve stolen museum treasure from villains using conditional logic to handle changing situations.

Build Projects with Code (NEW!)

Sandbox studios are a creative way for pre-readers to experiment, since there is no wrong answer, and any combination of code blocks that they put together will generate a result.

  • Art and Music Studio - Generate math art and compose music in Wild Tracks, OctoDrum, Seabed Scribbler, Pocket Band and Starfish Spirals.
  • Animation Studio - Make interactive animations and tell stories in Day in the Park, Squad Pose, RoboDance and Emoji Chat

Each sandbox features friendly voice-guided tutorials, a help system, and word-free picture blocks to motivate pre-readers to create whatever they can imagine!

Solve Coding Puzzles

Tynker Junior was inspired by the award-winning Tynker programming language, used by 60 million kids and in over 80,000 schools worldwide. The language and user interface have been redesigned to make learning to code easy for pre-readers, with word-free blocks, a tap-based interface with no dragging, friendly voiceovers, helpful hints, and a moderate progression of difficulty to motivate completion.

Learn Fundamental Coding Concepts

  • Learn to code by solving puzzles and games
  • Use picture-based block coding to solve problems
  • Learn sequencing and pattern recognition while collecting treasure
  • Use events and parameters to fix an ancient robot factory
  • Help endangered animals reach their homes with loops and counters
  • Design your own robots and aquariums with code